Working Of an Air Fryer
How Air Fryers Work
The hot air fryer , also commonly called oil-free fryer , allows the "frying" of food by taking advantage of the high temperatures reached in the cooking chamber.

Air fryer, how it works

How does the air fryer work? The hot air fryer works thanks to its special cooking chamber. Before seeing how an air fryer works, it is important to specify a fundamental concept: frying does not become such thanks to the oil, but thanks to the high temperatures that the oil reaches. In other words, the oil becomes a heat carrier and allows food to be cooked by reaching high temperatures.
In an air fryer, no oil is needed because the heat carrier is the same air. The heated air is circulated at very high speeds in order to allow uniform cooking simulating the behavior of the oil in classic frying.
With conventional fryers, it is necessary to totally immerse the food in boiling oil or be careful to turn it halfway through cooking. In hot air fryer the food is completely surrounded by the heat carrier and as a result the food becomes crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.
Hot air can be heated to temperatures of around 200 Β° C. Given the high thermal demand of the cooking chamber (the heat needed to cook food), the air fryers are very energy-intensive: they see an electrical consumption of between 800 and 2,000 watts.
The electrical consumption of these appliances is significant but the economic and health benefits should not be underestimated. An economic return is clear: the purchase of oil necessary for frying is avoided, of course, also the investment in terms of gas to heat the pan is avoided.
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